Simple memberships. No lengthy contracts, No extra fees.

Pricing listed is pre-tax.



 Group Fitness Classes



Unlimited Check-Ins : Group Fitness, Zumba and Open Gym


$155 per month

*LIMITED TIME DEAL* $120 a month with Promo Code "GYFO"



3 Check-Ins a week : Group Fitness, Zumba or Open gym


$110 per month


Minor (Under 18) Unlimited

Unlimited Check-Ins : Group Fitness, Zumba and Open Gym

$110 per month

FREE Saturday Community WOD

Saturday mornings at 9am and 10:15am



Open Gym

Open Gym Only


Unlimited Check-Ins to Open Gym during regular operating hours. Includes use of all equipment however priority goes to Group Fitness members during class times.


$55 per month

Drop In Pass


Drop in pass for 1 person, per session for Open Gym, Group Fitness class or Zumba class


$25 per pass



Unlimited Zumba Classes 
Also includes 1 Group Functional Fitness class a week


$45 per month

Barbell Club

Unlimited Barbell Club classes

Want to join a group who loves lifting barbells to improve speed, strength, and overall athletic performance? Come train and improve your Olympic barbell skills with the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. Although our primary training and focus will be on those 2 lifts, we will also assist additional goals you may have with other barbell lifts such as, squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, and lunges.


Our USAW Barbell Club meets Mondays at 6:30pm-7:30pm. Our USAW certified coaches will focus on increasing your skill, technique, and goal to increase performance with barbell lifting. Come challenge yourself to be a better, stronger, and improved athlete by joining Leander FIT’s Barbell Club. 



$80 per month

(Non Leander FIT Members)

$20 per month

(Leander FIT Members)

 January Calorie Kickstart 


Membership only valid January 1st to January 31st, 2023


1st Place Winners for Male and Female will receive a Leander FIT Schwag Bag, A free month of Unlimited Membership for themselves and 1 for a friend, a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and most importantly, Bragging Rights! 


All calories must be completed at the gym


All calories must be completed on a bike, rower, or treadmill


Any calories in the skill work or workout may be counted.


An additional 100 calories may be completed each day


Special calorie multipliers and challenges will be provided through the month


$100 for 1 month

Includes Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

FITAID Unlimited Beverage Package

$45 per month for 1 Adult

Personal Training

      Basic Personal Training


o   A 1-hour session 2x per week with a certified coach

o   Personalized workout plan

o   Goal and fitness tracking

o   Use new and top of the line equipment in a clean and safe facility

o   $10 off 1st Merchandise Purchases

o   Shower/Changing Room Access


·      Determined Personal Training


o   Basic Training plus

o   Nutrition Coaching from a certified coach

o   Access to Nutrition Coaching app

o   24/7 ability to message your coach

o   Customized nutrition plan with goals and progress monitoring

o   Weekly email check-ins

o   Nutritional support and accountability

o   Free Leander FIT Shirt & Water bottle


·      Resolute Personal Training


o   Determined Training plus

o   Unlimited Access to Group Functional Fitness Classes 7 days a week

o   Open Gym Access

o   Free FitAid each PT session

o   Free Hat or Headband