Meet Our Team

Meet Coach Eman

My name is Eman Saadieh and I am a wife, a mother, and a fitness coach. 

Having worked a desk job for a little over 4 years and 2 boys later, it was time to hop back on the fitness wagon. 


In 2019, I began my journey with LesMills, earning 3 certifications in RPM, BodyPump and The Trip. After going through some unexpected life changes, I made the decision to move forward in the fitness field and achieve a NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification. 


(Ongoing: NASM-Certified Nutrition Coach and Virtual Coaching)

Becoming a coach at Leander Fit was the biggest challenge yet. It opened my eyes to an entirely different style of coaching & technique. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the program design constantly changing. It keeps coaches and athletes hungry for more as each day passes. As of now, my favorite lift at the gym would be the deadlift, but hey, who knows, this could change too! 

I never stop learning, whether it be from credible resources, or from one-to-one interactions with clients. I’m constantly faced with new challenges everyday, and only through these experiences is when I am able to grow and become a more knowledgeable athlete/coach/person.


Interesting fun facts about me:


  1. Born in the US. Raised entirely in Dubai, UAE

  2. My go-to fast food will always and forever be PIZZA

  3. I haven’t chewed gum in over 15 years

  4. Keep balloons away from me. The squeaky sound when played with and worst of all when it pops, really disturbs me

  5. My favorite free time activity? Sleeping


Meet Coach Dion


Texas raised but West Coast crazed. Dion believes fitness should be fun, challenging, and social. Some things are better together. Motivation is key, and Dion knows how to engage our fitness community to keep everyone motivated and supporting each other. His approach to fitness is to first help you tackle things mentally and then achieve them physically.

Dion knows how to combine the great things we love about our fitness community. In his classes, you will feel both the pump and the love. He lives the Get Your FIT On motto by delivering a high-level of energy and encouragement to help you push through the toughest workouts. Laughter and smiling are required for class.

Just come have fun and unload some stress. Too much emphasis has been placed on strict requirements related to health and fitness, today. Do you really believe occasionally exceeding a few grams of fat or sodium in your diet will have that great of an impact? Me either. So cut the nonsense measurements and bring back the fun. I like helping members achieve goals rationally and dynamically because having fun makes it easier to reach and sustain your goals.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.