Fitness Recovery – Part of Total Health | Leander FIT

A well-rounded fitness program includes recovery time. Learn about the importance of fitness recovery, what it entails, and how you can make the most of it.

Did you knowhow you recover from your workouts matter just as much as the time you spend at the gym? Proper recovery is just as important as your workouts. Here are some tips to help ensure that you make the most of your fitness routine.

First, it’s important to eat a healthy diet full of nut, fruits, and vegetables. This includes fats and carbohydrates in addition to protein. Try to consume foods such as a banana with some all natural peanut butter, or sliced apples with a glass or pea-protein milk. As a result, this will help refuel your body and promote muscle growth. Finally, make sure to get plenty fluids, preferably water or sugar-free and electrolyte replacement drinks.

Don’t overload your system. Eating replenishes what you expend at the gym, but over-eating can cause trouble and force your body into prioritizing processing over recovery. Therefore, be intentional with your portions. Commit to eating an initial amount. After, take a few minutes to properly gauge how you feel. Are you really hungry, or would you only eat more because it’s on your plate?